Availability Calendar Updates!

Availability Calendar Updates!

On a regular basis, I sit down with my wife and go over my availability calendar. What events, celebrations, commitments, and other going’s on lie between me and scheduling a photo session? This time, we managed to take care of the entire first quarter of 2018!

Calendar Basics

I keep a small, constantly updating copy of my calendar close by for easy reference. There are some details that accompany how it works. The hard part is finding a day and time that work well for you. Beyond that, it is as simple as contacting me so that we can discuss your needs and make a plan. Once we have settled on a specific time and date, I update the calendar.

Two Important Notes

  1. To aid in keeping a healthy work and family balance, I typically will not schedule more than two sessions in the same week. Once it looks like my week is full, any remaining available slots will disappear.
  2. My availability is what I am 90% certain I have outside of normal work, family, and other scheduled activities. If you need me for a time that does not appear to be available, feel free to check. I may be able to accommodate you or even refer you to another photographer I know and trust.

2018 is looking to be an exciting and busy year for Mark Gunter Photography. I hope that, somewhere along the way, our paths will cross and I can be of service. Last year, I photographed my fair share of corporate, acting, and modeling head shots for multiple businesses and private citizens looking to make a solid impression. Product photography was also on the docket and played a key role in how I re-arranged my humble, home studio. Of course, I worked with a lot of models on special projects and portfolio work, too.

I would love to hear how 2018 looks for you! How can I help get your product, whatever it may be, seen by more people?


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