Time For Another Birthday

Time For Another Birthday

Every year about this time, I am reminded that I am another year older. Yes, it is time for a birthday. It is what it is and I like to take advantage of it when I can by taking time off work. This year, duty calls so I’ll be kicking back next week instead. What will I be doing? Hopefully, a photo shoot or three. I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

The last couple of years have been “bonus” territory for me. I’m just glad to be around for another run around the sun. To help me avoid burnout, I sometimes have to remind myself to slow down and just have fun. In that spirit, I have stepped back in time a bit and started revisiting hobbies that, over the last ten years, have been on the back burner.

Over thirty years ago, I was introduced to a game called Battletech. We used to play for hours at a time. We soon progressed to a variety of miniature wargames and rarely came back to the old ‘mech stomping grounds. The glory of Battletech is that, even after years of not playing, the rules seem to snap back faster than any other game I’ve played. It is as close to riding a bike as I’ve ever seen in a game. Having a bit more time to play it is a nice birthday present to myself.

Imagine my pleasure when I learned that Harebrained Schemes announced they were working on a new, PC version of the game! I had played a lot of the old Mechwarrior games based on Battletech, but this was promising to be more like the glory days. So, when I’m not doing a photo shoot, what will I likely be doing to help me kick back? Playing Battletech!

For my computer gaming friends, if you enjoy the Battletech universe and especially the original table-top game, this is well worth the look. I’m having a blast playing it in a way I haven’t enjoyed PC games in a very long time. It scratches a major itch for me. And, if you happen to be on Steam, maybe you can find me there sometime.


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