Blinded By Personal Flare

Blinded By Personal Flare

Pursuing photography, like many creative endeavors, impacts the way you view the world. You are literally observing life through a lens. There are many scientific descriptors for the way the camera lens changes what we see. Today, I would like to focus on flare.

Lens flare occurs when light enters the lens and strikes the film or digital sensor, leaving visible artifacts or haze across the image. While it is often not desirable, it can be used to dramatic effect. To make the most of it, you must understand what causes flare, how to control the flare, and how to avoid flare.

How we, as individuals, view the world is affected by flare in a similar fashion. We often temper our personal philosophies in order to guide a conversation or avoid unwanted conflict. In my experience, very few people freely share their ideas with just anybody. The unwanted flare of opinion can completely wash out the conversation. It leaves everyone wondering what was the objective of the interaction.

Desert Flare

Regardless of your personal stance on any given topic, do yourself a favor. Understand how the way you present your opinion introduces flare. Know when you can use it to dramatic effect. Carefully control the impact of your words and illustrations. Most importantly, recognize when certain words and phrases will devastate what may otherwise be a very constructive conversation.

I am not saying to hold back, to hide you thoughts. Diversity of thought is just one element that makes this world so rich and vibrant. Rather, I seek to suggest that you consider if they way you make your point is effective. Speak from an informed, educated stand point, having done your own research. Do not rely on someone else’s understanding of yet another person’s research. Go to the source. Do the math. Work it through rather than accepting what you hear at face value.

Think about it: How would you fare if everyone took you only at face value. Let us venture beyond mere appearances and delve into what lies behind the masks. There are no tales told today that are not impacted by somebody’s flare. Don’t let it blind you to the beauty of other perspectives.


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