Boris the Muscovy Duck

Boris the Muscovy Duck

The pond just beyond my backyard is a constant source of entertainment. No, I’m not talking about the domestic quibbles of the neighborhood association. I refer to the variety of creatures we see on, in, and around the usually calm waters. Recently, we have welcomed a new, unexpected guest: A Muscovy duck my family has decided to call Boris.

Boris appeared on the shore of our pond a couple of weeks ago. I would like to think we have become friends. Like the mallards who often call our water home, this duck visits our bird feeder, circling the base of the pole for dropped morsels. A little research and observation revealed that cracked corn was the primary selection.

While Boris will not eat from my hand, he will get just within arms reach for conversation over a brief meal. To the best of my knowledge, this is a lone duck and at least one other neighbor has adopted a friendly disposition as well. Quiet, colorful, and not too wary, Boris is a pleasure.

As you may be aware, the weather has been rather rough in Oklahoma of late. This past weekend, while our son was camping with his scout troop, we prepared to climb into the storm shelter. We came up lucky and managed to escape more than a heavy rain. Even that was not quiet as heavy as other parts of our city experienced.

With all of the meteorological phenomenon plaguing our area, we worry about Boris. I am fairly certain that this duck is in more danger from nearby coyotes. Still, that does not prevent the concern. After all, this is a friend who is kind enough to share a little time with me. While rather one-sided, I enjoy our chats.

Other than the simple interactions, my favorite thing about Boris is the way the black feathers become iridescent green and purple when viewed up close. That, and how this duck doesn’t mind the click of my shutter.

Boris the Muscovy Duck
This is a black and white image, so stop struggling to see the colors.


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