Chilling At Sunrise With Sandy

Chilling At Sunrise With Sandy

Working as a photographer for any of Nate G’s workshops, I get to meet a lot of amazing personalities. In the brief five minutes or so I have to take a portrait while Nate provides some coaching, it can be a challenge to make a connection with the subject. They are in a learning mode. They are listening, which is great, but their focus is split between the camera and the coach. This can make for a somewhat awkward situation for the subject. At the same time, it can be incredibly fun. Sandy attended one of these workshops and, as often happens, it led to a photo session.

Determining what and where to shoot can always be an interesting discussion. When you ask someone to shoot outdoors at sunrise on what is bound to be a cold, winter morning, there is not always a lot of enthusiasm. Sandy did not hesitate, jumping on board with the idea. And, so, we spent about an hour creating before returning to my studio for an interview.

Sitting Down with Sandy

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I am thankful that there are people in this world who give others a reason to smile. Working with Sandy was a fun, relaxing experience. I was using certain equipment for the first time in less than ideal conditions. Any anxiety I had washed away as soon as we began shooting. I walked in concerned that my unfamiliarity with new tools might hamper our efforts. It was not long before I realized that the new tools were absolutely fine. Add in Sandy’s positive, light-hearted attitude and we were off on a fun, creative adventure.

If you are looking for a positive personality to add to your next creative endeavor or if you’ve recently torn your ACL, keep Sandy in mind. She may be able to help!




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