Conversation With A Traveler: Anna Truett

Conversation With A Traveler: Anna Truett

It is not common for me to work with a lot of the traveling model talent. Timing is always an issue. There is also the question of purpose balanced with business concerns. How do I justify spending business funds to hire the amazing talent that comes through our state? Fortunately, when Anna Truett came back to town, the stars aligned and I had the means and a motive.

Anna Truett has been on the radar for a while. We had crossed paths once before at a convention, but I am positive it was far more memorable for me than for her. She has done a wonderful job of making a name for herself by being professional in all aspects of her career. I knew from reputation and recommendation that working with her would be well worth the effort.

Anna Truett Tackles Big Talk

I had limited time with Anna, but I managed to squeeze in a brief interview. Despite my best efforts, the sound was not ideal. There were other people in the studio and the noise they were making didn’t quite register. I am also fairly confident that I fouled up an audio connection, too. You may want to turn on the close captioning for this one…


Anna was a pleasure to work with and I captured a lot of great shots. I will be sharing some on social media, of course. I’m sure one or two will sneak onto both of my websites as well. As a model, Anna certainly delivers. It is not surprising that she has little trouble finding modeling work as she travels.

I mentioned purpose earlier. Anna was open to helping me explore one concept that I’ll be talking about in the near future. The resulting images will undoubtedly serve me well as I use them illustrate my vision to other talent. That, my friends, is one reason why you hire a model.



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