Cut To The Quick

Cut To The Quick

Do you know what really cuts me to the quick? Watching other people fail because they miss the simple things.

Focusing on the local modelling industry, let me present some quick tips. These are meant to help aspiring models find their way and avoid common pitfalls when dealing with photographers.

Quick Tips for Checking Out Talent

Social media, various websites, and networking events are all common ways to find talent. There is no shortage of photographers out there. The question is with whom you should work.

  • Always check references. Without fail.
  • Always check their portfolio. Make sure it is a look you want representing you down the road.
  • Verify  and clarify the working agreement. Most importantly, when can you expect your images?

Responding to Inquiries

A photographer approaching you can be very affirming, especially if you are new to modelling.  How you respond to them can make a difference.

  • Keep in mind the skill and experience of the photographer, especially relative to your own
  • How does their portfolio compare to yours? You did look at their work, right? Learn to discern when to offer rates and how to recognize someone who can give your portfolio a boost.
  • It is okay to say no. To anyone. Do so politely and professionally. Don’t burn bridges, but don’t cross a bridge that takes you nowhere.
  • Don’t ghost. This is when you just stop talking to them. It is always better to say no thanks than it is to just disappear.

Finally, be aware that when you hear stories, rumors, and whispers about other people, you are often only getting one side. Do yourself a favor and go back to the top of the list. Check references. Without fail.

This is just a summary. There is plenty more to keep in mind, but identifying the talent you should work with boils down to research. A decent photographer leaves an obvious trail. That guy with a camera that is up to no good leaves one, too. In both cases, it takes a little work to find it.



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