Do What You Love: Zac Wilkerson

Do What You Love: Zac Wilkerson

One might say that I first met Zac Wilkerson entirely by accident. I don’t believe that is the case. We were both doing what we love and that landed us in the same place at the same time. More than once, I should add, and with increasing frequency ever since. Where my passion lies with photography, Zac’s is clearly with people.

I will let Mr. Wilkerson speak for himself, but I want to add some emphasis to his words. Zac tells us to, “Do what you love.” I am a firm believer that we all have a purpose. When I pick up my camera, I become in every way a better person. I see things a bit differently all the time, but the camera adds weight to my vision.

When I look through the lens at a subject, I see beauty. It could be a snow-covered mountain range or a puddle rainbow-streaked with oil. There is always something more magnificent about that thing in that moment that inspires me. Even when it is a difficult subject there is a story to be told. I want to hear it. I want to know more about the meaning of that subject. We all, from people to inanimate objects, have a purpose. What is this one specific thing’s purpose?

Zac “of All Trades” Wilkerson

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In reflecting upon my interview with Zac and the focus on doing what you love, a though has occurred to me. I am cutting down what is about a 10-15 minute conversation to three to five minutes. The decisions I make on what to include are driven by the same criteria I use with my still photography. When I do retouching on a photograph, I try to make the image reflect what I saw in person. A noticeable mole will stay. A small blemish that I only see when I am zoomed in gets removed. So, too, the words that are spoken by my interviewees. It is what they say that really stands out to me personally that stays. If you know what I’ve cut out, it might give you far more insight about me than it gives about my subject.

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