Dreaming Confidence: Jessica Costin

Dreaming Confidence: Jessica Costin

In the Anything But Ordinary interview series, it is clear that one thing is true: People are passionate about their dreams. Those who set goals based on what they love to do also love to talk about their dreams. It is contagious. I think everyone I’ve spoken with to date has made some comment imploring everyone to do what they love. Find that passion that drives you to be a better person, a better world citizen, and find ways to make it happen. Jessica Costin is another shining example of someone pushing themselves to do something more.

You probably remember Jessica Costin from a previous post. We’ve been having fun working together and with various teams of talent in our area for a little while now. Her energy is infectious and I am always ready to charge up the batteries and plug in studio lights when she comes calling for a shoot. When I talk about keeping positive people in your life, for me, Jessica is definitely one of them. She helps me stay focused on what I do right and cheers me on when I try to do it even better. She is most definitely an inspiration.

Jessica Costin Inspires

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Jessica Costin is one of a few models with which I have worked enough that I can actually relax. I have been told I am too professional at times and I would have to agree. Jessica plowed through that professional wall with a sense of humor and general outlook that hit close to home. When you find a certain level of camaraderie, you stick with it. I can pretty much guarantee that, as long as Jessica is modeling and is willing to work with me, my studio will always have a spot for her.

Thank you, Jessica, for being an inspiration to keep pushing for bigger and better!


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