Exploring Old Roads Anew

Exploring Old Roads Anew

Everyone finds themselves in the doldrums from time to time. Whatever it is you are working towards seems well over the horizon, perhaps even beyond your reach. For many creatives, this can be a very difficult place to find one’s self. How do you break out of such a rut? For me, it often revolves around the same concept: Exploring old roads anew.

Old Roads

I have explored a lot of “hobbies” over the years. At various times in my life, my dreams have included becoming an astronomer, an author, and even a spelunker. This is just scratching the surface. I’m betting you’ve got a fairly decent list, too.

These “old roads” have proven to be very useful when I get stuck. In terms of photography, falling back to the old pathways has helped spark new ideas. My love of music has inspired multiple images and pointed me towards specific projects to explore. The enjoyment I find in tabletop gaming and history has provided many ways to relax. Finding ways to relax can often trigger a creative mood.

Exploring Anew

This past weekend, I forced myself to revisit one of those old roads. I got up early with my camera and a rough idea. There was a time, many years ago, when I made a habit of spending my weekend mornings like this. Add a model who volunteered join me at sunrise and a son who wanted to do some exploring and I find new inspiration.

Sometimes, looking back at the old can be the exact thing you need to explore something new. It might be an old hobby, an old friend, or a location you haven’t visited in years. Whatever the case, when you need that extra creative boost, don’t stop at looking forward. Sometimes, all the inspiration you need is right over your shoulder.


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