Feet On The Ground, Head In The Clouds

Feet On The Ground, Head In The Clouds

As children, we harbor dreams of greatness. Nothing can hold us back, no matter what the odds. We can be astronauts, world-class athletes, and pilots. The question isn’t if we will ever have the money to build our own theme park, but when that day will come. The world is ours for the taking. It is nearly impossible to keep the young imagination’s feet on the ground.

Inevitably, we are taught that we cannot afford to dream our lives away. Hardship and heartbreak steal away youthful optimism. The claws of adult pragmatism plow deep into our souls. The seeds of normality are sown and we grow roots. We can only watch in amazement as we watch others soar towards their dreams wishing that we, too, had that freedom.

Even when we manage to break free of these bonds, there is always someone or something there to remind us that there is no hope. How dare you think you are better than everyone else? How dare you to believe you can achieve more simply by wanting it? They warn you of the inevitable failure. Their taunts echo with every step you take towards your goal. Even should you succeed, they belittle the results. You didn’t do these things. Someone else did. You belong here, feet on the ground, with the rest of the normal people.

Now, halfway through life, you’ve seen your share of normal. You want something more. Tired of the daily tedium, ready to change the routine, you sigh in resignation. Something calls you to step outside, catch a breath of fresh air. In the darkness, the silhouettes on the horizon beckon you to consider the possibilities. Your eyes drift from that distance plane and into the clouds above. As they drift slowly past, it reminds you of how time seems to continuously slip away.

Like a curtain being drawn open, the clouds part. The heavens are revealed in all their glory. There, in the deep darkness of the unknown, bright stars shine down and remind you that this world is beautiful. You begin to dream again, consider the possibility that there is more to life than this.

There you stand. Firm. Rooted. Your experiences have properly prepared you to stand with your feet in the ground and your head in the clouds.


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