Flashpoint eVOLV 200: A Quick Preview

Flashpoint eVOLV 200: A Quick Preview

My speedlights have been showing their age.  Needing to replace some equipment, I took advantage of a Black Friday sale and picked up a kit that included a pair of Flashpoint eVOLV 200 flashes.

My early impression is that this was a wise investment for my business. They perform the basic function quite well. The downside? They are not designed to be used on camera and they do not have swivel heads. For me, neither of these are insurmountable obstacles. The kit takes care of everything except for the stands on which to mount these lights. The benefits they bring to the table as compared to my other flashes, far outweigh these minor issues.

TTL (Through The Lens)

It has been a stretch since I used a flash with this technology. Communicating meter levels with a pre-flash, TTL allows for a very quick setup for a decent exposure with flash. With a 3-stop range of adjustment available through the remote trigger, this is a very powerful tool, allowing you to focus on the creative structure of a shoot.

HSS (High Speed Sync)

With quick pulses of light instead of a single burst, HSS allows for shutter speeds well beyond the native sync speeds of your camera. This is especially handy for action shots. It is also helps capture brilliant blue skies at midday.

Flashpoint eVOLV Twin Head

This was an unexpected benefit of the kit I purchased. Being able to attach both flashes to one device, makes this kit equivalent to my smallest studio strobe. Add in TTL and HSS, and there is no longer a reason to take my studio strobe on location, That is, of course, unless I need more than one powerful light on set.

My practice shots in studio were fun. I was immediately inspired to press for a location shoot, even in these colder months. It is my hope that, by the time this post publishes, I will have had at least one such shoot.

Have you had the benefit of a new piece of equipment lately? Share your experience in the comments!


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