Happy Valentine’s Day: All Class With Ayla

Happy Valentine’s Day: All Class With Ayla

It can often be difficult to share Valentine’s images with those who follow my work. Most of my clients are looking for images to share with their special someone, not the entirety of the internet. When Ayla and I were finally able to line up time to shoot, it just made sense to do a Valentine’s Day theme. Initially, we were leaning a different direction, but her very busy schedule called for something different.

It seems that the norm these days, at least with photographers and models, is to do boudoir for this particular holiday. What do you do when that really isn’t an option? You class it up! With the hair and makeup assistance of the wonderful Kalissa, we put together a collection of images that even your grandmother could love.

  • Ayla for Valentines

No stranger to boudoir, I have to say that I really enjoyed this shoot. Lingerie and implied images are not for everyone. I think these are solid examples of what can be created for your special someone…or even for yourself. Stay with a style with which you are comfortable for the best results. Is it suggestive of Victoria’s Secret or your mother’s photo wall back home? In either case, find a photographer who can deliver the look you want. Including a professional hair and makeup artist can only add to the final result.

Do you enjoy this photographic style? Whether you are looking for images for next Valentine’s or another holiday, I hope you will keep Mark Gunter Photography in mind. I will be happy to help you create a collection of wonderful photos in digital or print. I am available for sessions in studio or on location and love a challenge!

Finally, a huge thanks to Ayla and Kalissa for the opportunity to collaborate on this fun, colorful set!



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