How Distant The Horizon

How Distant The Horizon

From this vantage point, the landscape is beautiful. The scenic view beckons explorers to come closer. Standing here, you can savor this wonderful vision for hours on end. Still, in your heart of hearts, you wonder just how distant the horizon might be.

Three paths lie before, all fraught with their own dangers, each offering their own rewards. The difficulty is not in the choosing, but in making the most of the journey.

The Low Road

On the left is a gently sloping trail that leads into a lush valley. A mighty river winds its way through tall, green trees. Occasionally, there are meadows of wildflowers. Somewhere below is a small village that will greet you with open arms and warm smiles.

The High Road

On the right, the path winds up into the mountains. Before too long, you find yourself above the treeline. The panoramic views are majestic. Some days, you find yourself literally walking above the clouds, basking in sunlight that never quite filters to the valley below.

The Middle Road

Straight ahead, the trail follows the ridge line. It is a narrow path, caught between the mountains and the valley. At one point, you cross a small bridge that crosses near the mighty falls created by the melting snow above and feeding the river below.

The Horizon

All three paths lead to a distant horizon, lost now in the brilliance of the setting sun. As the light skips across distant mountains, you can see that the Low Road is shrouded in shadow while the lonely High Road glistens. The Middle Road is a twilight border where one turn of the path is hidden from the sun while the next enjoys a momentary kiss of light.

There is no path that is the best for all, but all of us can find our own best path from here. Reaching for the stars on the High Road is tempting, but their is little shelter from harsh winds. A misstep could result in a disastrous fall. The Low Road is more crowded and few who wander it ever stand out. The Middle Road enjoys a bit of each, but is difficult to define save in relation to the other roads.

Whichever road you choose, do so decisively. Embrace it as your own. Do not try to please other travelers for they are on a different journey. Above all else, keep one eye on the horizon. It looks quite distant but, if you keep moving steadily forward, it will be upon you before you know it.


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