You are Anything But Ordinary. Inspired by this thought, I look at every subject that I find in front of my camera as a truly unique individual. As I am not a terribly outgoing person by nature, I do not delve deeply into other peoples’ lives. I listen. I observe. If they choose to reveal something about themselves, they do so at their leisure. Some invite questions. Some show only those parts of themselves that they want the world to see. To me, every part of this social dance, even when I do not comprehend the intricacies, is extraordinary.

This, then, is my attempt to go beyond the walls I erect, those rules of social interaction that my anxieties and fears put in place. I want to understand you better. Not to interfere or offer unsolicited advice, but to get a sense of what motivates you. What is it that brought you to me? Where do your passions lie? What is the secret to your success…or the obstacle you seems beyond your capacity to overcome? What can I do with the limited time we have together to be a positive, reinforcing influence in your life? How can I inspire you?

We are all so amazingly different, yet there are common threads that run through us all. Most, it seems, struggle with finding the balance between being a target of controversy and being lost in the crowd. We want to be recognized for who we are without risk of being ridiculed or even condemned. We want acceptance for being ourselves: Anything But Ordinary.

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