Long Live The Revolution

Long Live The Revolution

Every year around this time, my predictable neighborhood does something…well…predictable.  We have a neighborhood Facebook page where it seems most of the communication happens. The membership steps outside of the usual “who’s dog is on my street” and “Big Trash Day tomorrow” reminders. They ask fewer questions about where they can find a good handyman to fix a broken something-or-other. The complaints about speeding cars, accompanied with full descriptions of model and make, step aside. This week (sometimes two), the neighbors set all of this to one side to celebrate history. They also like to stage their own revolution.

It never fails. Like clockwork, someone will ask where they can find a good place to light some fireworks. There are always two groups of answers. There are those who provide options for lighting them yourselves or best places to watch combined with invites. “Come on down and we’ll pop a few together!” they’ll say. The second group polishes off the pitchforks and relights the torches. They remind everyone about the stress the celebratory explosions can cause to vets and pets. They kindly ask for people to take a short trip elsewhere, away from the neighborhood, to enjoy their fun.

You see, we live just within the city limits where it is illegal to buy, sell, or use fireworks. They have been for more than 35 years. This year, the policing will apparently be a bit more stringent. The warning went out. As the dusk firework bursts started this year, someone reported a police car making it’s way through the neighborhood, using their search light to identify the culprit. Still, despite neighborly reminders, pleas for understanding, and patrol cars, the revolution continues.

This is Oklahoma in a nutshell. Everyone is right until they are told they are wrong. Then they do it anyway. It can be both humorous and frustrating depending on the side of the fence you call home. Somehow, despite our differences on this and a hundred other “hot button issues”, we manage to stay friendly…for the most part. For this Independence Day, I just hope you stay safe and we get to relive the Revolution again next year.

Happy 4th, everybody!


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