The Magic of Our Oklahoma Skies

The Magic of Our Oklahoma Skies

Clear skies fade into sapphire wreathed in flames. They slowly give way to a beautiful midnight blue. Add cold, winter clouds that stretch out from the horizon and fiery orange pierces the azure veil. Spring rains fall from towering monoliths that climb, climb, climb until the become giant, cotton anvils. Sometimes, the roiling billows roll across the plains like ocean waves across a sandy beach.

There are many places on this wonderful globe that enjoy similar sites, but the skies of Oklahoma seem magical. One moment, full of peace. The next, threatening. Rioting. Meteorological marvels seem like an every day occurrence. Oklahoma is not so flat as some would have you believe, but despite the rolling terrain, these skies are a vast expanse.

I remember camping out in backyards, counting the stars overhead. A sharp eye could make out the small speck of light of a satellite making yet another orbit. With a simple, small telescope, four large moons of Jupiter wait to be seen. Outside of the glow of the city, the stars glistened.

While I haven’t traveled far, I have learned one thing about Oklahoma skies: These skies stretch from sea to shining sea. I have seen these skies in Alaska, Canada, and Honduras. There are no boundaries. There is no end. These colors resonate all around the globe. Therein lies the magic.

Whether you are born in Oklahoma or are a transplant from far, far away, these skies will speak to you. Wherever you travel, they will follow you. The warm glow of sunrise, the golden hour of sunset, will still beckon your soul to stop and relax if just for a few moments. But, most important of all, remember that we share these wonderful vistas of the heavens. Remember the spirit that has become known as the Oklahoma Standard. Do not restrict it to 77 counties in Middle America. Share it just as we share these skies.




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