I Want To Photograph Something Awesome!

I Want To Photograph Something Awesome!

For years, I have maintained an extensive list of concepts I would like to photograph with models. It runs the gamut from a relatively simple, styled headshot to elaborate story-telling that requires multiple locations, out-of-frame talent, and a whole lot of patience. In my mind, every one of these ideas are things I think would be awesome to make happen.

What’s Stopping Me From Being Awesome?

You would think that with such a list and a modicum of talent for photography, I’d be pouring out some grade A material. What’s preventing me from doing it, then?

  1. Models – It can’t be just anyone. These shots are specific images in my head that need the right model.
  2. Out-of-Frame talent – I need help creating the appropriate imagery from actual set design to makeup to fashion. The budget I would need to hire some of the necessary talent is a significant barrier.
  3. Set Design – Some of the ideas are a matter of location scouting while others would likely require investing time in building set pieces. There’s that budget issue again.
  4. Time – With a full-time job (that occasionally calls for my photographic services) and an active son, time is often in high demand.
  5. Me – I am my single largest obstacle. Plain and simple. Is an explanation even necessary?

This written list of “Obstacles to Awesome” feels overwhelming to me. There is so much more going on around these five items that make them larger than life. The question is how I can most easily overcome this intimidation?

Behind this list is Fear. It laughs at me constantly, filling my heart with dread. What do I fear? Failure. Falling short. Missing the mark. Losing the image in my head to a half-realized photograph. Even offending someone who would love to do a particular shot for me but they just don’t fit my vision.

I must overcome Fear. That means I must embrace failure, fall short, and miss the mark. What I must not do is lose the images in my head!


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