Prismatic: A QuestionMark Photography Project

Prismatic: A QuestionMark Photography Project

What better way to continue my full court press to become a better photographer than pursuing a new project? I am truly not certain where Prismatic will take me, but I have a vision of where it starts. Indeed, I have already started. With a few shoots under my belt, I am coming to grips with the size of what I hope to accomplish.


Inspired by colors, Prismatic is a combination of three general concepts I have been toying with for a while. Now is the time to turn these into a high-quality, portfolio shifting collection of images. It will take some work on my part as I push out of my comfort zone. It will definitely be a learning experience. I hope to make it much more than that.


Colroful BackdropsThe keystone to the Prismatic project, these images are explorations of a single color. Six colors, multiple models, and a variety of options ranging from concepts like the one at the top of this post to full-length, fashion images. Models may explore one color or tackle all six as we explore the options together.


Crayons with Anna TruettWe’ll be using crayons to create unconventional props with images ranging from lifestyle to glamour. This can be simple or complex. I have a list of ideas that may need some location scouting, construction time, and some awesome models to complete. Fashion designers, stylists, and makeup artists willing and able to lend their talents to this theme are greatly appreciated. As usual, I find it far too easy to bite off more than I can chew with some of my ideas. No need to let that stop me this time!


WatercolorI began tinkering with this idea a few months ago, inspired by a specific style of artwork I remember from my childhood. After a couple of tests with existing photos, I’m ready to explore this style further. The process to create these works best with artistic nude or implied shots, so only the bold need apply.

Interested in taking part? Contact me via email or social media and let me know which theme(s) you would like to tackle!

Are you working on a project of your own and in need of a photographer? That sounds like a good excuse to contact me, too!


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