So Amazing: Languages of LaTonya

So Amazing: Languages of LaTonya

On occasion, I am introduced to someone who just feels familiar. It is as if they have always been there and we are catching up after a while apart. LaTonya Williams is one such instance. She walked into my studio as a designer, bringing several outfits with her for a session. Since then, we’ve had several chances to join forces to create images that highlight her work. A fun, laid back experience, it always ends just a bit too soon.

The fashions she creates are bold, colorful; full of movement and life. I suppose those same adjectives could be used to describe LaTonya herself. It is inescapable that creations mirror their creator.  I have not known her terribly long, but I am certain that the designs I have seen are only revealing the surface of an amazing artist.

  • Joppaway Boutique designs by LaTonya Williams

When working with LaTonya, there is always music. It seems as though she knows which song will provoke the movements needed to highlight her designs. It is a great way to help everyone on set relax and connect with the subject of the session. Her creations demand movement and she harnesses every thread with the chords needed to summon the cloth’s rhythm. It should be no surprise then, that she also has a wonderful voice and the ability to use it.

Recently, LaTonya released a new song, So Amazing Grace, that gives you a glimpse into her inner spirit. Soulful, joyous, and it is available online now. If you are a music lover, I hope you will take a moment to sample the track. The brief clip really doesn’t do it justice, though. If it speaks to you at all, I hope you’ll consider supporting her music and adding So Amazing Grace to your own playlist.


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