Strung Out and Ready to Play

Strung Out and Ready to Play

At least an hour of driving each day going to and from my full-time job. More driving to take my son to his (at least) once-a-week activities. This typically involves a lot of waiting on my part. I can make a lot more use of the time if I bring my laptop. My so-called free time is usually tied up with photography work: scheduling, shooting, editing, paperwork, scheduling, and so on. Maintaining this blog can become a time sink, too, but I enjoy having this opportunity to share. Sometimes, it can all be too much and I start to feel a bit strung out.

Then there is my wonderful wife who, at last count, has about six different jobs and home schools our son. She balances it all fairly well, but I know that she, too, gets tired. Without her, I would probably walk around in mismatched socks everyday. Just the other day, I came home from one of my sunrise shoots. She took one look and muttered, “Well, I wouldn’t have matched that shirt with those shorts…” She takes good care of me, so if I look disheveled, know that it’s me, not her.

We work hard and it isn’t often that we get to spend time as a family. This Memorial Day weekend, we managed to make at least a portion of it the exception. We finally caught up on our Marvel movie watching, renting Thor: Ragnarok before going to watch Avengers: Infinity War the next morning. It was fun, relaxing, and much needed.

Today, we go back to a more normal pace but change lies not too far ahead. I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but it certainly looks positive. As a married couple, we are working together to make it work and give our son a good upbringing. Certainly there are bumps along the road but, relative to those we’ve overcome in the past, they are minor obstacles.

A lesson I continue to learn is how to deal with feeling strung out. Whenever possible, I try to react the same way our lovely Luna does when playing with her string. I keep my head up, ears and eyes open, and do my best to keep the trouble from getting in the way of happiness.



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