Suzy Que: Overcoming Personal Challenges

Suzy Que: Overcoming Personal Challenges

We all face a variety of obstacles in our pursuit of dreams. Our search for success mandates that we will struggle. Dealing with the challenges of life both tests and builds our character. In this Anything But Ordinary interview, Suzy Que talks about the importance of friends and family when it comes to being happy despite these difficulties.

Suzy and I have worked together a few times over the past few years. We often find ourselves creating sets that are a bit different than normal portraiture. It is always fun discussing ideas and figuring out how to make them work. We even have what I recall to as a “super secret set” where we went a bit off the rails from my usual work. Someday, hopefully soon, we can unveil more of the sci-fi fun (care for a sample?) we’ve created.

Suzy Que

I love what Suzy Que says about recognizing your support group in the tough times. She says, “I had kind of closed myself off and was just withdrawing completely within myself.” This resonates with me as, I too, have gone through some times that only friends and family could pull me through. I hope you will listen carefully to what she has to say here. If you should ever feel yourself closing off, find someone who will listen to what you have to say. Find those who will foster a sense of belonging, who make you feel included. Find those with whom you do not feel you need act like someone different to fit in.

Part of the magic of photography for me is that it is liberating. For me, having the camera acting as a mediator between myself and my subject allows more of who I am to come out during a session. The camera energizes me, gives me courage, and lets me be my natural, goofy self. In so doing, it often liberates my subject, too. If the guy with the camera is a goof ball, where’s the threat of feeling silly themselves?



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