The Challenge of Product Photography

The Challenge of Product Photography

As much as I enjoy photographing people, wildlife, and landscapes, nothing is quite as challenging as product photography. From jewelry to fashion, miniatures to wine bottles, every subject requires a different approach. With a myriad of technical issues to tackle, you also have to watch for anything that suggests the product has unwanted imperfections. Fingerprints, scratches, and specks of dusts are all constant dangers.

I am far from the best at this particular game which is part of what keeps it fun. There is never a “best shot” of a product because there is always one more way to make it better. Even having established the branding for a particular line, I find myself fine-tuning my methods. It can always be done faster, sharper, and more accurately. It needs to look like it does in real life…where real life is as perfect as possible.

I recently set up to shoot more product photography and, assignment complete, decided to shoot a few things for myself. Much like working with a favorite model, once you get started with a session, you don’t want it to end. What else can we photograph while we’re here? How can we push the bar even higher?

A Sampling of Product Photography

Rather than commissioned images, I though I would share a few random items found in my home. They all use the same setup that I was using for my aforementioned client. It travels well and is very versatile and, as you will see here, accommodates everything from small to large items. These are meant simply to demonstrate the range of products I photograph.

  • Vallejo Model Color Acrylics
    Vallejo Model Color Paints -

Whether you need corporate head shots or photos of custom-designed shoes, I hope you will consider Mark Gunter Photography for your professional images for your website, print, or social media sharing. I look forward to working with you!


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