Going Vintage With Ilauriya

Going Vintage With Ilauriya

A simple studio, a main light, maybe an accent light or two, and a model. A short list of things that, when properly combined, can make for an entertaining afternoon of creative art. An interesting location or unique combination of fashion and props can be a lot of fun. Sometimes, though, the challenge of a basic setup can be very fulfilling. On this day, we were going vintage.

Hollywood glamour is a favorite genre for many models and photographers. It comes in a lot of flavors, but it is ultimately about glamorizing the subject. Whoever it is in the image, they are portrayed in a romantic, idealized manner. This is someone you want to know, that you want to be. The classic idea of Hollywood glamour; a black and white, high contrast image with a 30’s and 40’s movie star vibe; is a style I am often asked to emulate.

I once had the pleasure of attending a workshop with a photographer who once shared studio space with the legendary¬†George Hurrell. In terms of vintage photography, if you’ve seen portraits of Golden Era movie stars, you have almost certainly seen his work. Some of my favorite works were created by Mr. Hurrell and I often look to it for inspiration. I am under no illusion that I will ever be able to match the expertise of the man who all but created the style. Rather, I’ll be content with an occasional homage that falls short and rejoice that I still have the chance to create.

Vintage with Ilauriya

The vintage Hollywood glamour style definitely played a role in my collaboration with Ilauriya Rose. This particular session was a welcome break from weeks of overtime, corporate head shots, and other responsibilities.

  • Vintage with Ilauriya

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This was a fun shoot for me. I even had a chance to play around with a couple of the old vintage lenses! Care to guess which three shots were taken with an over fifty-year-old 50mm lens?


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