What I Learned From Star Wars

What I Learned From Star Wars

I grew up with Star Wars. We had the children’s book, action figures, and trading cards.  It was the story of choice for playground fun. The only question was who got to be Luke, Han, or Leia. The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi were among the first movies I remember seeing on the silver screen.

Clearly, I have a history with these films. Despite what others tell me I should think, I manage to reach my own conclusions. I even managed, somehow, to enjoy the prequels; Jar Jar Binks, midichlorians, and all. I can list off a number of things I wish had been left out or added in. The same could be said for anything I have an emotional interest in: Lord of the Rings, the Los Angeles Dodgers, or tomorrow’s lunch selection.

Star Wars Lessons

  1. Star Wars is “theirs” (George Lucas and/or Disney). To presume that we have a right to tell them what direction their creation must take (outside of the box office) is arrogant. It is as useful as telling some stranger what they should think about politics, religions, or sports.
  2. Consider critique carefully. The loudest critiques are usually about plot holes or a problem with a character. “Why would so-and-so do that? That’s not like them at all!” How many times have you said this about a real person you know and love? How many times have you said that about yourself?
  3. Be okay with dissatisfaction. It is their creationIt is okay to be dissatisfied with their creative choices. Smile when someone is dissatisfied with yours. Because, as my wife reminds me, somebody will be.
  4. Be okay with not being perfect. If there is anything I’ve learned from Star Wars it is that there can be beauty in imperfection. Do not get so caught up in making things perfect that you lose sight of something new.

Star Wars continues to have an impact. What other, positive lessons can we take away from this franchise?



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