Acting On Dreams: Dale Niehaus

Acting On Dreams: Dale Niehaus

It seems as if Dale Niehaus and I have been circling each other’s sphere of influence for some time. I imagine there are a couple dozen people that we have both worked together in some capacity, yet we only recently “found” each other. Every time I saw a casting call for any sort of film project, it seemed like Dale was floating nearby. Nearly every social media post about a local film production, there he was in the comments. Evidently, someone had been selling a tall tale to Dale that I was a decent guy. When we met at a local workshop, it was a “finally” moment.

The two of us quickly conspired to get together to do one of my Anything But Ordinary interviews. Part of the fun of these for me is that, more often than not, I really don’t know a whole lot about who I’m interviewing. At least a third have been with people who were complete strangers outside of arranging a time to shoot. As we filmed, I was pleasantly surprise to find that Social Media Dale and Real-Time Strategy Dale were one of the same.

Dale on Chasing Dreams

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I cannot tell you how much fun filming these video interviews has been for me. Not only am I getting a little insight into who the subject is, but I am also finding inspiration. To see people from all paths of life, with so many different backgrounds, striving to create for the sake of creating is empowering. I am not alone. There are millions of others out there who have a dream. And they are not keeping it in their back pocket or in tightly clasped fists. They are finding the means to chase them.

What dream are you chasing today? How can we, the creative community, help you reach your goals?


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