Always Under Construction

Always Under Construction

The vast majority of people I know are always under construction. Those rare few who are not are either repairing, renovating, or retreating from life. That is to say that people in general never stop learning. Life experience and educational opportunities never cease until we step away from the possibility of personal growth.

The same is true in business. If it is not under construction, it is repairing, renovating, or retreating from purpose. It is an inescapable cycle of creation and re-creation.

As a vocation, photography often sees this from both sides. The photographer tends to be a sole proprietor of a business. Both the individual and the business find themselves to be constantly under construction. Often, if one stumbles, they both stumble.

Lately, I have been stumbling. A significant change at my full-time job has sapped much of the energy I would typically direct towards photography. While I appreciate the challenge, it is mentally draining. Learning a new role, new relationships, and new possibilities goes well beyond distracting.

In a sense, I have been retreating from photography. Not by choice, but by necessity. Not quite six months in to my new position, I am still learning my role. It is an annual cycle of constant change. I have the advantage of fifteen years in a related capacity, often working with the same people, that makes it easier, but it is still very taxing.

The question ahead of me is how do I stop retreating and start pushing ahead? The answer lies ahead. I continue to schedule sessions and provide services to my regular clients. As time allows, I experiment and pursue my own projects. Later this month, I will attend PhotoCon 2019. It will be a welcome, invigorating break from normality. Amidst other breaks in the year, I have added a visit to the inaugural ClickCon in Chicago later this year. I have not visited Chicago in many years and this promises to be an exceptional experience with familiar, industry friends.

I am in need of repair. There may be some renovation. Most importantly, I will be working towards new construction. That is my plan for the near future. What do you have planned?


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