Motive, Motivation, and Moving On

Motive, Motivation, and Moving On

As I write these words, two weeks before they are to be published, it is difficult to say I am in the Christmas spirit. My motivation is lacking and I am having trouble moving on to the things I need to do. I am confident, however, that by the time you read this, I will have smiled a thousand smiles and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day.

This time of year is always a full calendar. Throw in a few things that life will inevitably toss in to the mix and, well, you’ve got a weary family. Recently, we said goodbye to a friend and, while I did not know him nearly as well as many, many people did, it hit me harder than I expected. I suppose, having walked perilously close to saying goodbye to my wife not too long ago, it makes sense that I would have a deeper sense of loss than I expected.

The truth is that I struggle. Daily. I find myself putting other people’s projects before mine. It makes me happy to help them shine, but at the price of ignoring my own candle. Yet, I feel selfish if I focus on my own motivation. How do I overcome this? How do I find happiness without getting swallowed by a sense of selfishness? What if the concepts in my head never come to fruition?

I sat in a sanctuary packed with people showing their appreciation, love, and support for someone they respected. He was a leader and, as so many said, everyone’s best friend. As I look for answers, I turned to one of his books. We have several in our home. I picked up a new copy offered at the service. It was my personal way of remembering him. And, of course, he told me exactly what I needed to hear to adjust my attitude.

In one sense, they never arrive…There is always that next step – the step already dreamed in their heart…

Stan Toler
“Minute Motivators for Leaders”

Thank you, friend. Godspeed.


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