Working Under Cover

Working Under Cover

In the cool hours of a New Mexico morning, the clouds slide like soft blankets across the rocky mountain tops. I find myself perched between the layers. The valley below is partially shrouded. The peak behind me is struggling to toss asided the rolling veil. I should be doing other things, but this is something I don’t get to watch every day. This is a beautiful place on any day, but under cover like this, it takes on a different feel.

These mountains carry scars that tell both ancient stories and more recent tales. They have stories to tell. They have many more stories yet to witness. Today, I am just an observer of the wonderful games Nature plays. In the moment, I am excited to be a witness. Now, I find myself questioning what I can do better to the image.

This is the constant struggle, not just for this image, but for my photography business. I feel stuck between layers of cloud. I know what lies below and understand what can be found above. Living in this middle ground, a part-time photographer overwhelmed by a changing professional life, is taking it’s toll. What can I do to bring my photography out from under cover of a busy life?

Over the past year, arguably the last three, I have found myself struggling to recapture my footing. In an attempt to remind myself of the art I am capable of producing, I have pursued education, certification, and constructive criticism. Challenging myself in various way, I have recommitted to my pursuit of excellence over and over again.

I always feel as though I have fallen short of telling my stories. Somewhere behind the cloudy veil is more photography to be shared. I just need to find that break in the clouds.


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